Who We Are

Welcome to the Calgary Women’s Health Collective!

We are a counselling agency located in the heart of downtown Calgary.

We have been providing counselling services to women in our community since 1987.

It has always been our vision to work towards safer spaces for women to speak to their experiences of life. We call them “safer” spaces because we recognize that all conversations may be risky. This view holds us accountable to continuously structure and negotiate safety together with our clients.

We seek to engage women in conversations that honour their knowledge of life. We make it our business to work collaboratively with women in identifying those ways of speaking about their lives that contribute to a sense of personal autonomy.

The topics of conversation and exploration are as varied as our clients’ lives. Some of the commonly expressed concerns include experiences of:

depression, anxiety, panic, loss, worry, anger, stress, abuse, conflict, self-doubt, disordered eating, worthlessness, perfection standards, and difficult transitions.

It is our privilege to involve ourselves in the great escape from the effects of these problems. We find ourselves thoroughly changed through continuously witnessing the reclaiming of women’s lives.

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